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"You can know the names of a bird in all languages of the world,but when you are finished ,
You will know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird.....
So let`s look at the bird and see what it`s doing --that`s what counts.
I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something."

-Nobel Laureate Richard P Feynman(1918-1988)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Over the years as the number of humans on the planet grew, pressure on the land and the natural resourses grew and we began encroaching more and more on the forest land, mostly to cater to growing greed than needs of us .Now the situtaion has so worsened that the animals are forced to move out of their shrinking natural habitats and into the human settlements and plantations in search of food....Every other day we read stories of leopards mared in traps,elephants dead due to poisoning or munching on firecrackers or hit by speeding trains... Now who are the `Encrochers' we humans or the animals? The pictures are from the tea estates of Valparai,TN.
Think of the effect the pesticide laden foliage has on the breeding biology and genes of all these animals and smaller organisms.
Think how we are killing off the future- our own...
As some Red Indian chief said Earth is not inherited from our ancestors, but borrowed from our children...

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  1. Hi, Vishnu,
    you have raised a very serious and pertinent question about the human-wildlife conflict. i'd like this aspect be discussed by a larger number of people. i've heard even the tribal people - who invariably co-existed with the wildlife earlier - complaining about the 'menace' of the wildlife as the non-tribal settlers in the forest areas and the media which made it like that.